Monday, March 17, 2008


For most of these children, this is the only time that they leave the orphanage. If you want to help with these children, you can sponsor the transport that brings them to the farm.
All it costs is $10 PER WEEK. A very little price to pay, towards the happiness of these children.

It's very simple. If you would like to help, just donate through our Pay Pal button.

We also need volunteers to play with the children while they are having thier therapy.
Please phone Jane-anne for more details 0918215592


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Honeida Salih and i'm from Canada. A friend of mine recently sent me a 23 minute video that touched my heart to its core. I'm planning on organizing fund-raisers to help support your cause. As of now, I'm trying to get as many participants as I can.
Please contact me at: to help me learn how I can better help you!
Thank you for your time,
I look forward to speaking with you

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to know if i could use your picture to help me raise awareness about the mygoma orphanage?
Thank you again!

Angela Rose said...

Hello...what amazing things your organization is doing. I am currently living in Khartoum (working for a NGO), and have been looking for information regarding volunteering at Mygoma. If you have any details regarding contact info, I would greatly appreciate it! My email address is
-Angela Mondello

Ola said...

My name is Ola and am in Canada right now but I will be coming to Sudan for a two month stay. I was looking for something to do during that time and whats better than helping those in need!
I was wondering if you could give me any information regarding volunteering at the Mygoma Orphanage.
My email is
Thank you.

tanweer said...

I studied in Khartoum University in the Seventies. 30 years later I still remember the kind, gentle people of Sudan.
I would like to send donations to Mygoma orphanage, directly or I want to sponsor a child there and send him?her money regularly up to when the child becomes eighteen.
( if Allah gives me the age)
Please let me know how I can send money direct to your account.
My email is tannu100@hotmail,com
Dr( Mrs) T. Mahmoodullah

zainab said...

i am a medical student in UMST in khatoum and i would really love to volunteer in my free time... it would be great if you let me know what you lack and what kind of help you need exactly, like teaching or just playing with them so that i would know what to bring with me.

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm University Student in the USA and I would like to greatly help your cause. Please send me an email at : I can raise money, clothes, books, or shoes to help you in any way. Thank you.