Friday, March 14, 2008

happiness is.........

Happiness is riding a horse with a friend. Abdu Semmy is riding in front and he is blind. He was found as a new born baby and was placed in Mygoma Orphanage. When he was just a one year old the doctors found he had cancer cells in his eyes and removed them. He comes every week for therapy, and actually took his first walking steps in our farm. One of the first words he said was Jane-anne. The boy sitting behind Abdu is omer, he has very little confidence around strangers after being abandoned as a toddler. His confidence is growing as he experience a whole new world outside the walls of the orphanage.

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Melissa said...

what a wonderful ministry. I will be sure to keep you,your hubby, and the lives you touch in my prayers. God bless you both.